.VTF to .JPEG? & I need help bending a texture.

**Stupid me. I just remembered VTFLib converts all types of image files. **

As the title suggests, I need to convert a .vtf file to a .jpeg to edit it.

I assume that’s possible, so how?

The texture I’m converting is the side walk texture (concretefloor028c) because I need to make it go round a curve that’s 512x512.

At the moment I’ve considering just taking the texture and editing it using the perspective tool, in gimp.

Any ideas/tips are welcome and encouraged.

Thanks in advance.

There’s a photoshop plugin that allows you to save and open .vtf files directly in Photoshop. :3

Google it.

And Paint.NET. While you cannot save as VTF from PDN anymore, you can still open and edit them.

I don’t have photoshop but I just used VTFLib.

I think I’ve also got the curved sidewalk down, despite there being a few things I need to fix.

I’ll upload it in a second.


Wouldn’t let me upload the original texture .tgs because it’s the wrong format:

I’m pretty happy with it.

Just got to sort out the curb and neaten it up a little.

Try VTFEdit and just hit Export. You can choose many image files to export to.

The finished texture. Pretty much. I’ll probably tweak it later, lighten it up a bit, add more lines, make it dirtier/less repetitive etc.


Measures 2048x2048

very repetitive

What did you make this in, Gimp? Photoshop?

I would suggest making some full-sized layers with tiling concrete, then using an alpha mask to shape them into the curved shapes.

Use vtfedit if you’re not using photoshop… I personally find it easier.

I know, I know, but it’s a pain in the arse trying to find the same texture as the slabs.

Besides, it’s better than nothing.

Needless to say, I won’t include it in any final release until I have worked on it further.

Our hammer editor should have a tool that can modify textures like that. In a much easier way.
(I am not saying it has)
(I want a tool like that).
It would be much easier to make my halo 2 road texture turn properly like in halo 2 when the road turn.
The existing method makes it look fucked up. Because the road texture got lines, visuals in the corners of it and in the middle. Could really be usefull would it not?
So the road lines turn as i want the road to turn and stuff like that. The lines gets closer and closer on the inside and further away on the outside of the turn.

VTFedit and use export?

By the way, there’s a way to texture arches to get the same result as a turn texture.

I said the existing method in the hammer editor does not make it look good.
It gets failed and stuff like that.
I am going to post a image of what the texture looks like in a moment.

Do you mean just applying the texture to each arch face and rotating it so it turns?

Because that looks terrible. I’ve done on my roads and they look crap; the textures never quite line up.

Anyway, once I’ve done more work on this, I’m going to make some custom road textures and I’ll probably release that.

This road texture makes it look even more less lined up. So a tool would be more than usefull.
You see what a nightmare this detailed 4 lane road is to make turn good in a picture editing program.

[Edit]: The yellow and white texlights were added after as different brushes.


[Second Edit]: Also the road in hammer editor is 512 x 512 units.

Ummm… What?

I want someone or valve to make a tool to hammer editor that can modiy textures to turn something like this at 8:50 in the vid you can see what I want it to turn like:


If that is not enough media you could also watch this at 15:05 and see the whole after to get more what it turns like: