vtf, vmt and alpha masks

Apparantly it is possible to apply alpha masks to textures, then when I change the colour of an object with such a texture, only the alpha mask should colour.

So (this has been done before, forgot by who and where:) you could put an alpha mask over kleiner’s coat, then when you change his colour, only his suit color changes. His skin stays the same.

Is this really with alpha masks, and if so, how would I apply one?

  • I already looked at TF2 hats, but couldn’t find anything useful


“$blendtintbybasealpha” “1”

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And if you have photoshop, you go into channels, create a new layer and make the parts you do not want to be colored to be black, and the parts you want to color gray or white (darker - not much colorization, whiter - more colorization) and save as a 32 bit TGA.

Okay, in photoshop, do you mean add a channel? Because I added an alpha channel, made white what I wanted to show, will it work?

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Thank you soo much! It worked, finally!

I was just wondering how exactly you get “$blendtintbybasealpha” “1” to work properly. I’ve added it to the vmt and added the alpha 1 channel to the materials but it seems to continue to colour the entire model.

Did you paint the parts you do not want colored black in the alpha channel and saved the TGA as 32 bit (so it supports alpha channels)?