vtf/vmt Settings

I’ve been browsing the valve wiki trying to make sense of all the vtf/vmt parameters, there is way more then I thought. I have about 90 textures to make for my game-mode and I wanted to make sure they were done right the first time. I know how to make textures, I just don’t know the higher level/whats actually happening behind the scenes stuff.

Task at hand:
I am texturing these boxes, there will be hundreds of them in a map.

<—Old SS, offset is fixed.

What I would like to know:
-VTF Options
-VTF Flags
-What my .vmt should look like

For best compression, DXT5/DXT1. Quality depends on the texture’s colors. Filesize is way smaller than the source file.
For best quality, BGRA8888/RGBA8888. Always the quality of the source file. Filesize sometimes may be bigger than the source file.
It’s best not to mix and match.

A few flags are just ease of use, and actually do nothing.

Best settings for Bumpmaps:
Normal Map
No Mipmap
No Level of Detail

Thanks for the info Vipes! Does my .vmt look correct?

	"$basetexture" "models/blocks/block_template"	

Thanks again!

Depends on what you want it to actually do.

Nothing in particular. I just wanted it to look good, and be done right.