.vtf/.vmt texture a loooottttt darker than it should be(Garry's Mod)

The following texture pictured here is a loooottttttt darker than it should be. It started off as a .tga, I converted it to a .vtf file with the default settings for conversion VTFEdit does, and then I made the .vmt. It’s probably my .vmt file that is making it darker, so I’ll post the code here:

    // Original shader: BaseTimesVertexColorAlphaBlendNoOverbright
// Uncomment this if you add an alpha channel to the base texture
    "$translucent" "1"
    "$basetexture" "vgui/camo"
    "$vertexcolor" "1"
    "$vertexalpha" "1"
    "$ignorez" "1"

Please help, I would appreciate it…

Check that you don’t set VTF Edit to auto contrast/auto brightness.
If that’s not the problem, try converting the TGA into a DDS file, then import that into VTF Edit as your texture.