VTFEDIT Error Help Please

Im going to start this off with i made a vmt and vtf file of an image for a map, and whenever i goto hammer i see the image in the custom materials folder that i made but whenver i put the texture onto a block i just see a white pad, nothing just white. https://gyazo.com/1653d020973f3d5f763cc85855d28dbe thats what i see in hammer, anyone know a fix for this? or am i just being stupid and dont know how to use VTFedit lol.

Your screenshot doesn’t show up for me
If you paste your .vmt in here we will have a better understanding of what’s happening, also make sure your texture is a resolution of the power of 2, 256x256, 512x512 etc.

And be careful if you’re trying to do non-cubic resolutions like 256x512 etc, I personally find it tends to be a bit of hit and miss and not work half of the time in those cases