VTFEdit/GCFScape on Windows 10

Hey guys.

After being bullied by Microsoft into Windows 10 (they hogged up my SSD where I had only 8 gb of free space left), I got back to work, and found out that VTFEdit and GCFScape don’t open on Windows 10.

I’ve activated and downloaded .NET Frameworks, installed all required Visual C++ versions, tried compatibility modes - nothing helped.

Did any of you managed to get them working?

Or maybe there are some alternatives? I need a software to edit and replace textures for Source Engine 1 games.


Edit: I think I should also point out that whenever I open them - nothing happens. No error message or anything like that. Running as administrator does nothing as well.

That is odd, both of them work fine for me.

I dug around abit, and found out that they do appear in Task Manager for 2 seconds. At first they are ‘Running’, 2-3 seconds later they become ‘Suspended’ and disappear.

I also turned off my Antivirus and removed immunization in Spybot. Didn’t help either.

Any ideas?

Is there any place I can check for logs where it would say why a process is suspended?

Edit: In resource monitor it shows under ‘Terminated’ tag.

do you have the latest versions of GCFscape and VTFedit

and they work fine

Wow guys, I appologize to everyone. I think I’ve regressed to stupidity in my 26 years of age.

I was ready to do full Windows reinstall when my friend asked me if I updated my Widnows. I said yes, because I did, but apparently I had to manually check for updates and magically there were 3 more updates, of which Windows didn’t warn me and didn’t ever ask to install.

These are the updates: KB3142588, KB3140768, KB3139907

One of them did the trick.

What probably confused me is when I faced this issue, I started Googling and found people claiming that it either doesn’t work on Windows 10, or people saying that it magically started working.

So I assumed the worst and started downloading every possible Visual C++ version, installing both 32-bit and 64-bit, turning my entire PC inside and out, and it turns out to be just a missing update.

Fucking Occam’s Razor at its best.

Anyway thanks everyone! And sorry for useless thread.

Glad to see it worked mate.