VTFedit Issue

Since there’s no section in which a question like this really belongs, I decided to post it here. When I make a picture in Paint.net with transparency it and import it into VTFedit it sometimes shows up with the transparent parts being black.

Picture with transparency:

The picture once imported into VTFedit:

This problem only seems to occur when the picture is over 50% transparent. When it’s only got a little transparency, the transparent parts are white and I can save it as a VTF and it works fine in Hammer, which is what I’m doing this for. I think it might have something to do with alpha channels and the like. Any help?

You need to do transparency via alpha channel. Essentially grab the RGB as a selection in the program of your choice (usually ctrl+click on the layer works) and create a new alpha channel. Then fill the selection as white and save the image as a 32-bit TGA.

Then you can import it into Vtfedit. Mind you, the transparent parts will usually remain as black. because you actually deleted the image information. You should never actually touch the RGB when making transparency. Only the alpha channel.

Then when you import it into vtfedit, you need to import it as a dxt3 or dxt5 image. As opposed to a dxt1

Ok, thanks man. I’m pretty bad with like GIMP and stuff so I might need more help. I’ll get back to you soon.

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Yeah, I’m gonna need more detail. You’re dealing with somebody with 0 experience in GIMP (which is what I think you’re talking about) or Paint.net or anything.


I don’t use gimp or paint.net but this is what you are looking for in gimp

Basically an image is composed of multiple grayscale channels. The default 3 in PC graphics are Red Green and Blue. On top of that a lot of images can store a forth channel which is opacity.