VTFEdit Trouble (BF1 Models)

I am currently making Battlefield One Austro-Hungarian soldier playermodels for Garry’s Mod. I am turning the .dds files into .vtf and .vmt files.

There is one pesky .dds file called “t_aus_base_torso_det” that whenever I import it to VTFEdit it loads for about 10 seconds, then says “Error creating VTF texture: Error: nvDXTcompress() crashed.”

I have tried making it a VTF by importing the image into paint.net and saving it as a VTF but when I import it into VTFEdit it says “Error loading VTF texture: Error: File signature does not match “VTF”.”

I also tried turning the texture into a .tga or .dds file but nothing works. I googled the error and found other people had it but nobody had answered.

If anybody has resolved this issue please tell me. I can get everything done except this part because of this problem.

Thanks, Alp

i would try opening the original dds in noesis and using that to export it

Thanks. I will try it.

Do note that you cannot use the textures as is, they will likely need editing.

Oh. Thanks, I did not know that. I downloaded the model off of DeviantArt from luxox_18. What editing would they need?

You will need to convert the normal maps for source usage. For the diffuse, extract the alpha channel, that’s where the gloss map is located.