VTFEdit - weird green tint

Hello :smile:,

I have a problem with VTFEdit.
When I import a white texture, it has a weird green tint (DXT1,DXT3,DXT5).
Only with BGR888/BGRA888 (uncompressed) it’s really white… but then the file is too big…

Why it’s green / How can I fix this?

That’s just what happens when you use DXT compression, think of it as a JPEG, it leaves artifacts (and turns the image slightly green), but has a smaller file size

Then there’s BGR, which is like a PNG, no artifacts, but larger file size

Thank you for your respond :).
Yes if you compress a image it has artifacts… that is ok, but why a green tint?
It’s just a blank white texture (1 color)…

I tried it with gimp (vtf plugin)… but same issue.

What file type are you importing into VTF Edit?

it’s a binary issue. dxt uses 16-bit colors. r-5 g-6 b-5 bits. the green channel has 1 bit more range or level. what you can do is lower the green level by four or five notches before you compress the texture. atleast works 100% for the ‘unit white’. that’s 255 250 255. compresses to 248 248 248. other textures might decolor slightly. you gotta gamble or get a good red or blue or green tone match. however your texture looks like. a tone balance. that’s it. :slight_smile:

I tried all file types…

Thank you :)! It works, 248 248 248 is fine.
Too bad VTFEdit do not this automatically…

(sehe du kommst aus Deutschland, danke für die Hilfe! Endlich kein Grünstrich mehr… werde das mit anderen Texturen auch ausprobieren… habe mich immer gewundert, wieso die beim importieren plötzlich so einen Farbstich hatten :confused: )