"Vut have i told you about testing teleporters?"

Well… that didn’t made the heavy any smarter.

i can’t think of any jokes

errrr medics gonna have to get a few friends to help him fix that.

Tell the heavy to suicide so he can respawn. :v:

wtf is going on?

what a meathead

this thread is amazing

I take it the picture pleases facepunch :smiley:


this doesn’t even make sense to me

Really…? Engy tests a new teleporter, heavy has sandvich out, tele teleports sandvich to heavies head… Medic yells at engy…

I can’t stop laughing.

good 1x:v:

that’s amazing.


for you!

looks like the medic is

fuck it i got nothin

Ok… so now who is going to eat the sandvich ?