vvis.exe average compile time?

Right now the map has been compiling for two days and it’s still in vvis.exe , is this normal?

My map is about the size of five “freespace” maps, divided into five levels. All levels has high-res displacements except one.


No leaks, I use func_detail on brushes, func_visclusters also nodraw on all faces not beeing seen by the player. Vvis.exe has’nt stopped responding or anything, have been watching its memory usage for a while and it seems to be running fine.


Been using that webpage, but thanks anyways :slight_smile:

You know the steps while compiling, like “1…2…3…4… etc.”. What do each numbers mean? Is there a special process beeing done on the .bsp for each step/number? I would really like to know that because vvis.exe is currently working on step 9 atm. Been doing that for hours now.

The number is the percent divided by ten, and the higher the number, the lesser the acceleration of percentage.

Just how many func_details have you used?

Depends on the size of the map. If it has a shit load of detail, alot of brushes/water. With lots of lighting. It might take awhile depending on how fast your computer is.


VIS should never take longer than a minute to finish. If it does. there’s something wrong with the map. func_detail properly and use func_viscluster in large areas where necessary.

i got my map here and it only compiles vvis.exe less than 10 secs

That’s nice.

thats only vvis lol, cause when it’s vrad time it takes 12 minutes, i cant even turn on hdr cause of the time it takes. cant optimize vrad D:

CTF_2Fort takes 18 minutes on my old 1.8 dual core…

In my compile window it says my map has:
10644 portalclusters
23176 numportals

Can this have something to do with the compile time? Before I optimized my map it was around:
16000 portalclusters
30000 numportals

I just cummed.

So you’re saying NO MATTER WHAT the person’s rig is, the type of map they’re compiling or the size of it, it should be under a minute?

raise your lightmap scales, they are probably too low.

If the map is properly optimized, yes.


VIS takes 16 seconds an an Athlon XP 2400 with 512M of RAM.

I’m not talking about RAD, that can take forever depending on how you lit the map.

But a long compile time during vvis does’nt necessarily mean that the performance in-game will be affected in a bad way, right?

I’m not sure myself, but I do believe that it does lower performance in-game.