vvis.exe stuck forever

I made a slightly edited version of a decompiled HL2 map, then I did run map and set everything to ‘normal’ and ticked the HDR box.

vvis.exe has been running at full CPU usage for the past 11 hours… and the map file is still only 15kb. Hammer isn’t responding either. And there are no leaks.
What’s happening??

It’s probably too complicated.

It’s literally HL2’s coast12 with the thumpers removed, most npcs removed, most triggers removed, and CLIP put in the area where you spawn so you can’t go back to coast11 from HL2.

If you have decompiled the map, then many of the brushes will be defective and will have to be rebuilt.
Vvis is visibility, so there are too many leafs being generated, which means there are too many brushes that are world geometry that should be func_detail (and similar).

Yeah, there’s probably a lot of func_details that got converted back to worldbrushes and a lot of hint/skip brushes removed.

Also, I recommend using VBCT if you plan on compiling larger maps like these. It will allow you to compile and still use Hammer/your computer.

You should try using func_viscluster for large empty areas, speeds up vvis greatly.

VBCT compiles much, much, much quicker.

How so? It runs the very same compile tools that Hammer does.

I compared a final compile of my map via Hammer and one via VBCT. Hammer took hours, made my computer nearly unusable, and didn’t respond. However, VBCT took ~a minute whilst still letting me use my computer. It also didn’t “not respond” the whole time, so I could see the whole log.

There was a university mod project (city7) that released all the hl2, ep1 and ep2 decompiled maps fairly error free. with the exception of 1 or 2 that could not be loaded by hammer.
The site went down years after the mod went down, however I still have the files and if you want I can check if they work for what you’re trying to do.

Are you sure that VCBT didn’t just run VVIS on Fast?