What is vvis and some of the other ones i cant remember

vvis just crashed while comping but it made now difference


Just out of curiosity, did you compile with fast VVIS?

That is pretty handy way to crash the compiler.

Fast VVis has never ever crashed the compiler for me.

Running VVIS on fast is more likely to crash the map than the compiler.

Never crashed for me on fast =/

Likewise. I’ve never seen a VVIS crash.

Never crashed for me either… unless I try to do anything :frowning: Why must hammer make your computer so unusable during compiling.

Yeah I’ve never crashed with VVIS on fast.

And just to check for errors and sulotions go to Here, and paste your compile log in the box :slight_smile:

Because it’s taking all of your CPU(I really don’t know what the term is. Not a tech-guy yet) up. you can’t just click a button and be merry on your way with compiling a map.

vvis, vrad, and vBSP are programs/applications(see first brackets) that take the maps information and register it into BSP file. vvis and vrad compile lighting, brushes, shadows, collisions, anything in the map. AFAIK, vBSP takes all of the information vvis and vrad have converted, and compresses it all into a bsp file.

also, ontopic, I’ve never seen a map that crashes when run on fast vvis.

Not entirely correct. VBsp is run first to create the BSP file (wiki it for an explanation of the format) VVis and VRad then take this BSP and perform thousands of maths calculations based off it, hence why compiling is so cpu intensive, VRad is somewhat like doing a ray trace in a 3d rendered, you have slightly less control over VRad and VRad produces lightmap data, but the calculations performed are similar.

Not quite, as long as you have a fairly recent (like, post 2003-4) dual core CPU then Vxxx should be happy to compile while you go do something else, it isn’t exactly optimized for multi-threading yet. Just don’t try and open Hammer until you see the activity on the PC die down a bit.

Actually, it is. It eats up all 4 cores of my 2.4GHz i5, unless I specifiy it should only use 3 threads (it makes as many threads as you have cores to make use of multicore processing, see the beginning part of each program in the compile log) Sure I can do other stuff, but it runs incredibly slowly. If you have multiple cores I suggest you use the advanced compile tools to specify that the program uses x number of threads with “-threads x” without quotes, where x is your number of cores -1.

Hmm. I don’t see major performace drops, but then again I don’t do too much when compiling, just browsing the Internet. I should probably try setting threads in future as I really don’t do anything too time consuming for the compilers.

I like to set aside a whole thread, because then I can run steam chat, msn, xfire, firefox, music/DVD or even a game like worms or something without jamming it up too much.