VVVVVV Models?

It might be difficult, considering the characters are in 8-bit form.

Imagine them as Sackpeople minus the zipper and texture, and similar faces to the ones of the charaters, and YOU’VE DUN GAWT MY VISION OF WHAT THAT WOULD LOOK LIKE. (You done and got my vision of that that would look like.)

Anyone willing to take up this challenge, send “Pointless Name” a Steam trade request for a prize: a genuine-quality Pip-Boy for the TF2 engineer. I will only give it to you if you GET IT RIGHT.

In case you need some help on what they look like, a link is right here.

Very easy to make.

Are you willing to step up to the challenge?

Edit: No, seriously.


Since I don’t see a General Thread Rules thread, I guess it’s okay to multi-post here. It may hurt my respectfulness a lot, but since I’m a newfag, enh.

Besides, this is a good idea anyways.

Mingebag, not newfag.

Oh, what the hell. They mean the same anyway, just the second one is more insulting.

Anyway, do you wish to rise up to the challenge for a genuine-quality Pip-Boy?

Yet another newfag-ish “bump.”

I doubt anyone really wants the Pip-Boy in exchange for modeling that.

This isn’t 4chan.