W.A.R. Gcombat update gamemode looking for coders.

A couple of us have taken over the responsibility of the GCOMBAT updates.The thread is located in the Release section.

GCombat is a custom weapon system and we are expanding on this idea and not only releasing the addon part but a gamemode version as well. There is currently a small team working on it now consisting of around 5 people. You will not be the only Lua coder on the team, so all the work won’t be just piled on top of you. You will also have others to bounce ideas off of and work out problems.

We have a decently sized documentation system with a large portion of the ideas and detail work put into writing. Our team works on a discussion and rate system, where one person can voice their opinions and ideas about certain features of the system and everyone discusses it and gives their opinions whether agree or disagree.

The team then decides what is best for the addon/gamemode and we agree and then we get back to work.

We all get along well and it is a friendly environment and we are in search of some coders to help push along.

You will be able to input your own ideas and be included in the decision making, just because you are a late comer doesn’t mean you will be treated any differently than any other member.

As stated before, a lot of the documentation is already done and you won’t be put in the situation where no one knows whats going on. We will make sure to let you know our thoughts and ideas and allow you to use your own creative thoughts to complete tasks.

If you want to find out more information you can send me a forum PM or contact me on steam friends: GKSquad .

Thank you.


why is this in requests, again? admin needs to move this

It is a request for programmers to help on a gamemode, I don’t see why it would be the wrong section.

It is the same thing as requesting someone to make a gun, except it is a game mode.

If it is the wrong section than yeah sure move it, but I didn’t think it would fit anywhere else.

Still looking for coders.

Well, I’m not very good at lua to be honest, but I may be able to lend a hand. I’ll throw you a message via SF. Add “Stevo_1066” when I try to add you… :v: