[W.I.P] Basewars 2

Hey guys! This is KuroLight (obviously) and I’m currently working on a new gamemode called “Basewars 2.0” (Yeah, it’s over-made, but this one is made from scratch and is pretty original. The name just comes because it’s basically a second-version of NewbieNation’s BaseWars)

Wow Cool! Release Date? - Not sure

This looks stupid! +1 Dumb Rating - Okay…

You copied this from LmaoLlama! - The name yes, not the gamemode.

How can I get a copy? - You can’t, it’s a private gamemode for NewbieNation.

This is overmade! - Not sure about that one, as this will probably be quite unique and isn’t just a re-make of BaseWars.

There doesn’t seem to be a health bar! - Your Health is the amount of darkness creeping into your sight until it’s fully opaque. Your health will SLOWLY regenerate after some time of taking damage to a certain amount (Won’t be 100)

What this is: A total remake of BaseWars from scratch to add more content and to (almost) completely remove the infuriating lag that comes from deriving DarkRP.

What this isn’t: A Role-playing Gamemode, BaseWars 1.0, a copy of someone else’s gamemode or work.
The Maw - For his GearFox base Gamemode and creating the base of this gamemode. (Don’t hate me for putting this here Maw, I have to >.>)

W.I.P Market

Scoreboard (Not Final)
Faction-Creation Menu

Post your thoughts below… just don’t try to troll.


there’s a lot of it

also padding

there’s not a lot of it

So many of these popping up: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1242818

Well… BaseWars is one gamemode that alot of people usually enjoy and stick to…

Why are you typing like that? do you have some kind of mental illness that makes you do that?








line breaks do not make points

less valid


The key word is the “isn’t JUST”, meaning it’s not just a simple remake of BaseWars with no new features added.

Still contradictory.

It’s not, if you learned English, it means that this isn’t just simply where I re-make the entire gamemode from scratch and I don’t implement new features or take away any.
Rather, I actually add new features and remove some, so it’s not simply a remake…

Sorry, I guess being born in America isn’t enough to learn English.

Remaking the gamemode is already making the gamemode completely from scratch. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was born in America and know that both of those statements mean the same thing.

For example:

Hmm, Kuro = bad coder and a bad (good) friend :smiley: Well maw was originally remaking this gamemode Arguing kruo’s point WITH EXTRA FEATURES some that i listed yet ur too bad too add the extra features :smiley: But then got bored told kuro to finish it kuro made it boring again :smiley: oh well i’ll have to wait for this thing to get done now ;/

What…? I don’t even know you? I don’t even understand you…?

Yes, I know the gamemode is getting “Over-made” but your only making it for NN I suppose. also I might plan to make a public release of the gamemode, this as a result will deflate the demand of a new Basewars gamemode.