W.I.P. Dark Messiah SNPCs

Hello everyone this is a thread for my Dark Messiah SNPCs.
Release(WorkShop): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111626188

Updates: ////////////Last edited December 4, 2012////////////

  • SNPCs health is working again!
  • The SNPCs are damaging the player normaly again!
  • My ragdoll system is working again!
  • The SNPCs are friendly again!
  • Damage sound is working again! (The acid sound when you shoot them)
  • Changed the SNPCs spawnlist Name from “Vrej’s Dark Messiah SNPCs” to “Dark Messiah of Might and Magic”
  • Changed some stuff in the files

To Do List: ////////////Last edited December 4, 2012////////////

  • Hitboxs, (Please if you can help me with this, let me know! Thanks you!)
  • Make the spider spit acid
  • Fix the spamming error in Console


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-VG-DrPepperWithCherry(Me) - Lua Coding, SNPC, Spawn Icon, and stuff like that
AngryPepper - Helping with lua
Herobrine - For the Models, and Animations

This addon is by: -VG-DrPepperWithCherry(Me) Also Known as “Vrej”
Please don’t re-upload this addon without my permission!

Enjoy! =)



Coming Soon!


Giant Worm (Yes it is VERY HUGE):

Giant Spider:

Small Spider:


nice,keep up the good work! :smiley:

We will… also, after we have released these SNPCs, we may continue to Zeno clash…

nice work so far guys, hope to see this released within a few months, i couldn’t bear waiting for it in class, lol

We Will! =)

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Oh, just so you know, we need assistance adding hitboxes to SNPCs, so if you can help, we will put you in the credits!

THIS IS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!11!!!1!!1!1111!!! Anyways, Keep up the good work!]

Thanks and we will! =)

I love these mods thanks vrej

Thanks and you welcome! =)

So i was just wondering if you are making this for gmod 13 or gmod 12?
because gmod 13 is coming out in september so you will get lots of bugs if your making it for gmod 12

So far, i have only tested the beta SNPCs on standard gmod (gm12) but i’m unsure to wether vrej has tested in gm13… we should be releasing on both gm12 and gm13

so… when its gonna be released?

When it’s done! =)

I was guessing that someone calls a citizen model replacement with a Knight or something an “snpc”…

But damn. Today’s most sweetest disappointment! Thank you!
Just the ones that i always wanted to be made as snpc’s.

and… when its done…? xD
anyway,im not want to be an anoyying asshole or start a war… but again,
silverlan already did the giant spider and some other snpcs…
i realy don’t understand you guys,
why don’t you work toghether or something?
you realy want to force people to choose?
realy guys… its stupid!
i know hes not released it,but he will (i hope).
anyway,you doing an awesome work! keep it up!

Ok first of all he never made the giant worm or FaceHugger, second he will nevr release the Spider SNPCs, Third The Spider is not going be the same as his Period -_-

he will release this!
and why the spider isn’t going to be the same?
i thinked you gonna make them functional the same as in the original game…:pwn: (like silverlan doing)

Yes the same but in the real game he also shoots poison. And I never played this game before But AngryPepper told me they behaviors in the real game.

Trust us, we know what we’re doing… and think about it, we’re not harming anybody, since silverlan is making his SNPCs for gm13, we could be the only guys supporting gmod 12 so you would’nt have to upgrade for some new snpcs… we’re doing a favour to everybody…