W.I.P Large suburban heighborhood (For CS:S and Gmod)




It’s good to finally get around to posting here! It feels like its been forever since i’ve posted in the mapping forum (well, 8 months to be exact, right after my main got an unpleasant ride on the banhammer)

Anyway, I thnk it would be a fine idea to post my new project on Facepunch, i’ve always liked the mapping community more than any other site. It feels more energetic and lively!

I won’t post everything in this threat, mainly because it would get very, veerrryyy wordy and long. So if you’re interest to see how this map progressed from a single how to a neighborhood, take a look at this threat I made in Interlopers

Now then, to details!
This project is pretty much all my own doing, ** By that i mean all the brushwork **, i plan on using stock, L4D and custom textures (when i get permission for the last one). If you think you have any textures that would fit in my map, go ahead and send me a PM, if I use them you’ll be in the credits! Please only send me textures YOU’VE made, or cleary state that you didn’t make them and where i can find the creator for permission
I might also need someone to make a custom sound or two, but details for that will come later

The map
This project (codename old_house), will be a CS:S hostage-style map. The setting is a southern, wealth-ier neighborhood (possibly near New Orleans). In recent days riots have broken out in the city; taking this opportunity while state and local law enforcement are busy, a hidden terrorist cell operating in the are has emerged and taken several key city officials hostage in a local suburban house. The neighborhood will have an unnerving seance of abandonment. I’ve tried to create a feel that due to the riots, the citizens have simply packed up and left what they could (And possibly showing the aftermath of looters, lone rioters) I plan on it being sunnier, wind gently blowing coupled with the faint cry of rioters in the nearby city (and random other sounds, like dogs, maybe glass breaking from looters?)

I’ll go ahead and post some pictures/video of what i currently have done, Please note that this is still WIP, everything is subject to change, and keep in mind some lighting/textures are temporary
(Most of these are from the Interloper thread, i’ll just post some main ones but i suggest you check that thread out)

The roads so far


This is the main house, the house where the hostages are and Terrorists spawn



Main Floor










Upper Floor
I’ll probably change alot of the textures/props







A rough map of where everything’s going to go, again kind of old.


One of the 'detail houses’
This is next door (to the right) of the main house
Just a simple suburban house, nothing more






Another one of the detail houses
This will be a little more down the street (but still in view of the main house, the upper porch is accessible and might be good for sniping?

It has a noticeable southern influence, i made it look like a grand house at one point, thats now being (or was being) restored. I plan on making a custom sign along the likes of “DeWalter House Restoration” or something









This will be an enter-able house, set between the T and CT area (main house and church)
I went for a little more 70’s renovation look. Kind of oldish, but not unpleasant to look at.
I gave it a more ransacked look, with cloths strewn everywhere, furniture knocked around and a gun on the cabinet. I did this to make it look like the family occupying the house was in preparation to leave, but was interrupted by something bad (looters? Terrorists?)

















There is no second floor

Little details, plus a Video!
I don’t know why, but i just love putting silly little details in my maps. Even if they’re unneeded or a little annoying.
This video is just me walking about showing off the enter-able house and a few things I added so it’s a little more intractable. You can also see a few more things in the house.


(And yes I know the alarm when you break the windows is annoying, just press use on the black panel with the blinking red light to turn it off)

Final Note
I probably missed a few things, but i figured there’s enough pictures and info here for everyone to use.
I’ll say it again, some of these pictures are a little old and have been changed!
Any comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome! I’m looking for more ideas for houses, buildings or any way to improve my project! Hopefully i’ll finish it soon. Don’t be afraid to shoot me a PM if you want to add something. Everyone who helped out will be in the credits in the map.
All custom sounds/textures will be packed into the .bps when its done.

Also, i want you guy’s idea on maybe making two different versions? One would be the normal CS:s hostage version (the one i’m posting pictures for). And maybe the other version would be ‘cleaned up’? No destruction/trash or anything, make it look cleaner? That would be good for posing and stuff.

Alright, my hands are tired and i need a drink. Thank you all for your time!

I really like the realism of the map and your attention to detail is great

Detail is amazing nice work!

Things that could use some work; lighting, a few textures (the glass texture for the shower for example)

Some of the lighting is temporary, and i’m planning on just redoing that bathroom in the main house (It was made a while ago, before i had proper textures/models to use)

Looks fantastic. The only problems I noticed was a misaligned texture on the steps on the garden path, and the pool area looks a little weird. Great attention to detail so far though

Second picture?

I love it, but what firegod said is exact. The lighting is just a place holder right?

The white light in the main house? Yes. I haven’t touched the main house in over 2 months, i’ve been busy with other houses/stuff

OP would you mind media tagging some of those images? It takes a while to load everything and scroll down.


Oh yes thank you. :unsmith:

Add in some storm drains. I like underground places.

Wow, this is really nice! You should maybe when you’re finished with this. Make a little edit for it for a roleplay map! Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


I’m not really sure that would fit in?

Yeah, i planned on that. If anyone has any suggestions on what to add, maybe some house styles they want?

This look amazing! Are you planning on making most of the buildings enterable?

I looked at this, expecting some crappy blocky first map with the ten year-old mapper.

You have made me pleasantly surprised.

Not all of them. So far i have 2 that are ‘enterable’, the main house and a detail one. I plan on adding a church, maybe some other house and businesses

You know, that car outside the house. When you shoot it, it should set of a car alarm of sorts.