W.I.P "Old Aperture Science Facility" - 20 new portal maps

Hey guys, its come to my attention that i have been mapping for a while now and ive only just come to realize that ive never made a public release. So i decided to make a map pack for portal (not portal 2). At the moment i have a good idea of whats gonna happen in it. Right now it starts off falling into the facility… no voice scenes have been made yet, but anywho you start off in the new “shiny” chambers until you fall into the old facility, where some of the most hardest and gigantic chambers have been held and “forgotten”

  • take note that this is all after the event of Glados’s Death so all the chambers are un-watched.

Anyways i had no idea weather or when i should make a W.I.P thread about this project, and to me it seemed worthless but you know… no harm done.

And since this thread needs content heres my start on the first chamber. Yes, i know very under detailed… well i haven’t got to fully detailing it yet also the lighting is a lil pfft

And well the elevators, i prefer something different to the bulky portal ones

well im looking forward to hearing what you guys think, and some interesting ideas to go in it. 19 1/2 more maps to go… fun

I think making a Portal 2 map will get alot more
Also needs a bit of fixing up in certain areas.

Get alot more what?
and which certain areas? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get alot more downloads and Views.
And in Cubemapping and lighting

The map needs a lot of work. Mapping for portal is kinda hard. You have to stick with 1 style, and you are breaking it. The elevator should be the original. The lighting has no sources. You need to have the strips of light, and also the test chamber observatory sections. The map looks fullbright.

The room where you have the first portal gun has no doors, windows or any way in. Except for a solid grate in the floor. Try thinking of someone constructing the enviroment rather than just making an obstacle course.

The test chambers should have more detail.

Right so as far as the lighting goes, does this look better

Do you have Cubemaps? Because the door is looking a little shiney…

Also, the grating under the platforms should be about 5 units or so away from the floor. So the player can’t fall down, But also so it looks like there would be enough room for the platform to fit in.

In the last puzzle, you should move the button, and the platform thing, back a little more, so the player has more airtime, and doesn’t slam into the wall.

Yes there is cubemaps and ill take a look into the platforms

I legitimately look forward to this eagerly.

allright im almost done for this map, as you can see on the picture above, thats the style of lighting im going for… i shall continue to use that technique on the rest of the maps. As far as detailing is going ive got a fair bit to do. Ive put in observatorys moved back the platfroms in the second chamber and ive started on the second last room for the map. After that im going to put in a energy ball chamber in. as far as im going each map should have an average of 5 chambers in it. and my original plan was for 20 maps. And that produces a number i dont even want to think of.

so if things are gonna go like that im going to need outsiders to draw up plans for test chambers. This one right here is one my friend helped draw up. allthough ive had to make a few changes to make it work

But anywho ive got abit more detailing and lighting to do in the current map. Ive really apretiated the help you have gave me and the help there still is to come. I’m taking that advise through the rest of the maps and im looking forward to any more ideas/drawings you guys come up with.
But for now you wont hear back from me for abit about this unless its really important :v

So yeh… Cheerio

  1. You need light sources, like Observation windows.
  2. I dont think the crosses over the turrets are neccesary.
  3. Elevator atleast needs sound.
  4. It’s all a bit white and bright.

I still think this would look great in Portal 2. Then you have a good elevator to work with.

Persoanlly i hate the portal 1 elevators.
as i stated the lighting hasent been done properly in those 2 but more like in this

That’s the first chamber that im using the same techinique of lighting from. Oviosuly the big chamber is too big for that and im having a hard time choosing a sound for the elevator

And for the cross over… well i gotta say it looks better then just one sitting in the middle but yeh next time you will be hearing from me is when ive taken some screenshots of each room when ive fully completed the lighting and detailing

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As firegod said portal is abit different to map for, the lighting is just so different to everything else i normally do. Im used to natural Sceneries and many other different types of things like cities. Portal is new to me and working of your advise and the original portal maps is the best i can do for now.

But the brush elevator is just bad.

Why not use a custom sound? I just checked out freesound.org, a Creative Commons licensed sound website and they’ve got quite a selection of elevator sounds.

I know i know you like the 14th person who said that :smiley:
ive been scetching ideas for a new one

Just settle with the Portal 1 elevator. Sure it’s bulky, but it gets the job done. Or hire a modeler. Or BECOME a modeler.

well i have a brush elevator planned for the “forgotten” part of the facility, but i like a nice glassy one yeh ill look into a modeler too

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i mean a good one