[W.I.P] rp_island17 [Need Developers]

Maybe I’m posting this a bit too early, but I need a place to store my cluttered thoughts, I’ll probably end up re-doing this thread.

Hello there, and I’ve had the idea in my head for a while now, to make a map, in particularly, a Half-Life 2 Roleplay map, with nothing but HL2 & CSS Textures, and maybe some custom packed content, as a lot of people don’t have EP1 & EP2. I’ve been developing it for a couple days, and then it hit me. This is a big project! I probably won’t be able to finish this without a team or motivation. (Even though I’m very motivated now, I know in the future I’ll slow down.) That’s why I’m posting this thread here, for three purposes (Hopefully):

  1. Feedback (Be as mean as you can, point out every little detail or thing that you think should be there! I need constructive critisism!)
  2. To find a couple people who want to help out with the map, even if it’s a little thing! (Maybe a model or texture you want to see used in the map, or you’re good at mapping and you want to map some prefabs such as a shop, apartment, or maybe even parts of the nexus!)
  3. Suggestions, what do you want to see in this map?

Hopefully the great community at Facepunch can help me out with that, if I’m not asking for too much. Thanks anyways for looking!

Now, onto the map.

The idea behind the map is to make a small, but big in a sense that there is a lot to do and go to, with big roleplay opportunities. (Train hijacking, naval infiltration of the Nexus, etc.) This map is meant to have limitless possibilities depending on the server! That being said, it’s an island map, this being a general idea of what the map is supposed to be.

The bridge is essentially the link between the Combine and the Island, though there will be a sort of “outpost” at the entrance to the train, where citizens can take the train to the Nexus (by going through a gate), for Loyalist stuff, requests, and maybe to report something, as shown here, the train is both-ways, and is on the bridge, it’s fully workable. This creates new jobs, such as a Train Engineer (combine, loyalist, or citizen), or the server can employ different routes, such as a trolly, or just walking across the bridge. See the train here: (Thank you gamebanana for the Intercity Train, and the Bridge, which I sort of merged together to be put on the map, with some editing, the authors will be put in the credits!)

Now, with the actual city layout, I’m in the very early stages of making the layout. I tried to make it centered around a sort of plaza, which will have shops around it and such, also it’s right next to the entrance to the bridge. Did I forget to mention I plan for every building to be enterable, and have a purpose? The developer “buildings” Are placeholders. I might end up putting a complex there, two buildings there, or maybe one huge one! It depends. (The ingame screenshots are of an older version, where the roads aren’t cobblestone, thanks to the owner of Cube Servers for that one. He’s a developer, mapper, and close friend.)


So, guys. Any ideas, suggestions, feedback, or maybe you want to help?

What type of buildings do you want, what do you want in the slums, the Nexus, and the shops and apartments?

If you want to help me with the map, contact me at: Dragonfabledonny@gmail.com

I check my email daily, so I’ll be sure to get it! Posting here that you want to help will also make me get to you quicker.

Hasn’t there always been a map called rp_island17? I’ve seen it several times over at Gambanana. It’s a really old map that’s had several variations.

EDIT: It’s this map. There’s been plenty of other versions of it but I think this is the original.

I don’t think I get your meaning. I made this map from scratch, (aside from the bridge and train).

I’ll check gamebanana.

EDIT: Nope, no map by that name at all. There is however a dm_island17, but that isn’t a roleplay map, and I didn’t create it or use anything in it.

I would recommend changing the name because it’s obviously confusing people.

Island 69 maybe? :rolleyes:

Ha, I might go with Island 20, was trying to go with a sort of: “Off the coast of City17” sort of Vibe.

I can’t change the name of the topic though.