W.I.P. sb_ancient_secrets

Hey all

I’ve got a new map in progress: sb_ancient_secrets, which will be released for Spacebuild 2 and eventually, Frontier.

I’ve decided to go with a minimalist approach for this map, my reasons being two fold: to be friendlier to less powerful computers, and secondly, I personally enjoy maps more if I’m the one making the structures. Now, That’s not to say there’s nothing interesting in this map, mind you! There are five unique worlds to explore, puzzles to solve, alien languages to translate…and hidden doors to be unlocked. I’m hoping to release this fairly soon; I’m working on it frequently and the major elements are in place. I’d say barring any major setbacks, about a week or so?

Screenshots! Nothing particularly exciting in these pics, but here they are anyway. Now, don’t harp on me because the screenshots are in hammer. Once I get home to compile what I’ve worked on today, I’ll replace them with in-game screens.


It’s an interesting concept, but we shall see how it is in-game.

Looks interesting, will there be underground ruins?

Absolutely. I’ve been focusing a lot lately on mastering displacement caves and tunnels, and this map will definitely be using them.

How are you a gold if you only have 394 posts?

Also, could we get ingame shots?

I’ve been gold for years.

As mentioned before, in-game shots are coming when they’re ready, probably tonight. Working on some cave-tweaking right now. Also going to scrap the homeworld and start over, I’m not really pleased with how it came out.

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Brilliant, will definitely be using this map on my server when it’s released. Also, will it work with SB3 as well as SB2?

Lol, yeah. I bought it to get into the GMod 9 beta way back in the day.

Homeworld so far- Lots more to come


Use some seemless scale textures in the caves. Make it look so much nicer.

Looking good

In all honesty, I probably won’t be making this an SB3 map. I hate SB3 with a deep and burning passion, and just want to wash my hands of it at this point.

idk, I suppose if enough people want an SB3 version I’ll consider it. There definitely will be a Frontier version though!

I’ve replaced the standard hl2 grass/dirt/rock textures with my own custom blend textures. I like how it looks in the editor so far, but we’ll see how it turns out when it’s compiled. Also planning to experiment with $seamless_scale; again, we’ll see what happens on compile.

More screenshots coming this evening- I’m mapping on my downtime at work and I don’t have a machine that can handle GMod at the moment…though I have my eye on a nice looking XPS laptop that just came in on a pallet of techy goodness.

I honestly don’t blame you about the SB3 thing, it is horribly overcomplicated and 1/2 of the reasources are useless in a standard situation.

Awesome, looking forward to this.

Screenshots of the new textures. $seamless_scale worked great on the caves.


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I want an SB3 version. What is wrong with SB3? I absolutely love it.

Looking forward to this.

Nope. I’m a shuttered FPer. Nice textures too, Bynari