W.I.P Zoey Artyom character model.


Who the hell is Zoey Artyom?

A green cat furry, apparently.

Good luck my friend.


Oh you mean the one that was proven to be a guy?

Edit: Yup

Either way, there’s a separate thread for posting your WIPs, so post it there instead of making a thread.

I’m sorry I had not realized, I haven’t used Facepunch in a while, but thanks, I’ll find that thread and let this thread die.


This thread will end up in horrible dramas about zoey being male, cyborgs and milk, even if I’d love to see all that happen again since the outcome is hilarous at times, a mod should close this thread.

Last time I checked, Zoey was kind of a bitch.

I mean, when anyone offered criticism she/he would always make some kind of retort along the lines of “You can’t do any better.”

The again, my memory is foggy as hell. Last time I read any post from Zoey was last fucking year.


This thread lacks sufficient amounts of these.

I think she already have some personal models.

Indeed. Madman makes epic skins :(, what’s wrong with it?

Who is this ‘Zoey’ and why are you associating me with them?

If an Admin gets a chance, would they mind closing down this thread? I found the WIP model thread, and this thread is pointless.

Now for some actual input, it looks like you’ve subsurfed your models. You’re probably already over the polygon limit.

How many times did she send you timestamped pictures of her breasts before you got the idea in your head that she’s a demigod and a saint?

Wasn’t this that milk-drinking cyborg ninja russian psychic murdering undead girl?