W&L - Helicopter Encounter

This was my first, real-edited pose. First time working with explosions, bullets, muzzle flashes, smoke, and flames.

I’d love for you guys to C&C.

Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_bigcity0024.jpg

I like the fire in the foreground

The editing is alright, but you really need to work on the posing.

Oh I should probably mention I created this pose not to work on the posing itself, but rather experiment a little with explosions and shit like that. Yeah.

You obviously didn’t, I’m just saying, the posing pretty much ruins it.

If you edit a screenshot with horrible posing, you’ll be polishing a pile of shit. No matter how shiny it is, it’s still a pile of shit.

Not that it applies to this screenshot, as it’s not horrible. It’s not good, but it’s not bad. Just keep working on it and you’ll get the hang of it. I got a feeling that you’ll become really good.

Haxxer i remember you saying that on my first picture (which was a piece of shit filter rape crap)
lol. And Why does the guy on the right look like hes happy (not the face)

because he is


Yeah - I know. Don’t worry, this was just a quickie half-assed pic. I SHALL PROVE MYSELF IN THE FUTURE.

I must say, I really like that fire and the explosion.

May I inquire as to how you did them?

The explosion and muzzleflash look very pasted on and the posing is mad wonky. The lighting and fire are quite nice though.

I like the fire, I don’t know why. haha I am a sucker for explosions and flames :slight_smile:

The muzzleflash looks a tad odd.

aahshsahdhsahashahdhkhagl is that rex lee holy shit im sorry i just cannot take this seriously anymore ahahahahahds


smoke and impacts are good but look brushed (who am i kidding, they probably are). tracers do not, i’ve gone over how they’re meant to look a few million times so forgive me if i don’t elaborate. i’ll write a tracers 101 later or something. rimlighing on left dude washes out the contrast too much. inconsistent blurring across the image. rex lee… ahahahahdshafhdsf okay sorry but just no. aside from the whole ‘it’s rex lee’ thing, the model is terrible and does not fit the rest of the image at all (not just because it’s so terribly mismatched with the hl2 universe, but because someone plainly doesn’t understand the whole “using mipmaps so your texture does not look like a pile of noise at any kind of distance” concept).


rex lee is not happy unless he is murdering twenty combine at once while simultaneously watching lesbians have sex. with an m60.

He’s watching lesbians have sex with an m60


To be honest I have to agree with Rossmun on one very important fact. The modern soldier just doesn’t fit into the picture, it’s too sharp and grainy.

that’s no modern soldier

that is death incarnate!!!

Am I missing something? Looks like a run-of-the-mill of the modern soldier to me:~ With some sort of head rigging.

first of all, being a soldier, no. i have never in my life seen a soldier that looks like that, and i never expect to.

second, yes you are missing something, and believe me you’re better off for it.


Originally this was supposed to represent an IC moment. lol.