w_model and v_model

okay so I’m making a SWEP for TTT this time and I have the weapon directory at:

and inside this is

and inside:

This is in the CStrike folder ofc.

SWEP.ViewModel = “”
SWEP.WorldModel = “”

What would I put inside the quotations above?

Oh and this is just a reskin for the regular deagle for it to be golden. I’m assuming I have to get one or two files from the regular deagle.

Put the view models and world models into those variables.

View Model: models/weapons/v_pist_deagle.mdl
World Model: models/weapons/w_pist_deagle.mdl

Alright, it seems to be working cuz i’m getting an error. But I know that cuz I don’t have it and I haven’t set it to dl it to my computer. But the other thing is, it floats in mid air. How do I fix this?

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And I can’t pick it up again.

Make sure the server has CSS installed. The weapon will float if it doesn’t have a .phy file, which would occur if the server doesn’t have CSS installed.

Okay, nevermind… I can pick it up now apparently

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And yes I have CSS installed.