W_Model Appear In Crotch?

I made some of sweps for my LAN server, but all the gun’s appear in the crotch, and i have no idea how to fix this.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

rofl… I say dont, and make sure only admins can get the guns, as a little epicness gun joke.

Cs:s weapon models attach to a different bone then in Hl2 but I dunno how to fix it

The skeleton must be different.

It happens to all my Npc CS:S sweps

Ask from models/skins. You have to set the model to the right position.


All my sweps that use custom models are always rigged right.

i can fix this model for you
pm me with a link and i can help you

decompile,find smd’s
decompile hl2 pist,find smd’s
attach the mesh of your pistoll to the hl2 pist’s bones.