Waaaaagh!! time yet?

Not yet…
Practicing posing & editing :v:

Could use a bit more action, but the posing seems good. I like the models to.

It is boring, yes.
Like I said, Just practicing my editing and posing…
I’m working on a Battle pose.

Dem orks iz muckin about!

Practing posing? For four years now dude? Ca mon, how can you practice for 4 years

ya stupid grot! Itz always time for da wwwwwaaaaauuuggghhhhhh!!!

WHERE are these orks coming from?! I swear, any poses I make with the Imperial Guard would be complete if I just gave them something to kill!

Other than Imperial Heretics or some crap like that…

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Oh wait, nvm. They’re probably being “tested” or something like that.

Open testing. Here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/922420-DOW2-Models

It’s always time for Waaaaagh!