"WAAAHHH!" Warboss battles Guard STs (mini scenebuild)


My best effort yet and hopefully you’ll agree. I tried hard on this one.
Originally made in the gm_construct dark room so it’s pretty much a scenebuild

Without Rain: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47456802/Warboss%20no%20rain.jpg


lasers look oddly flat.

I like it but its “WAAAAGH!”




very nice

Lasers and rain look really flat. Make the laser taper off if it’s moving away, and make the rain layered; droplets biggest in the foreground and getting smaller toward the background, and less dense looking. Even a fucking hurricane wouldn’t make a torrential downpour like that.

'Tis right ‘ere, is his right and proppa’ WAAAAAGH!!!.

Well done. Epic, as all Warhammer themed pictures.

Winner rating: given.

Pretty swank but the lasers don’t look quite right,.

The editing is cool and all but the lasers look way out of place and to photoshoppy.

Thanks for the comments everyone, The lasers were the only scratch-drawn things in the pic and I agree they could have done with a bit more editing. The fact that they are the only drawn things probably also makes them look wierd.

Where did you get such a high quality model of the Ork Warboss?