WAC: Expand from typical craft

With the creation of WAC helicopter with customizable control schemes, WAC has a much larger use for air combat and transportation. Since Vtols are anything that can take off stright up and fly away and land the same way means that the code should be compatible to use as a Jet-propelled Vtol, like the Helghast Vtol Dropship.
Note that the WAC Helicopter code may need some tweaking before it can be used for Advence Vtol Craft. Understanding that most feel that Neuros Planes are better, WAC is more ideal for smaller maps while a high sky-limit. WAC SVN also gives a choice of installing which addons you want to install. Using the code to create vtols such as the Helghast Dropship, is the next step in the WAC evolutionary line. Just an idea to think about.


This is rather simple; anyone could have figured this out.

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Sounds to me like you’re just wanted people to make you some aircraft.

I have no skill with SDK, I confess. Its that when you say vtol to someone, they dont think of the scifi type stuff like a dropship. I posted to get people to think outside the box to expand the possible. Gets old if its just only helos, if you get my drift.