WAC helicopter mod install

Hey facepunchers:

I have been trying to install the WAC helicopter mod, but my PC isn’t making anything easier for me. Could someone please e-mail me(ishafer2@att.net) a garrysmod/garrysmod ready zip file?

Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation!

and no because it probs means your banned from gmod.org

Give me a working link to your Steam account and maybe a comment on the profile page showing it’s actually you so we can confirm you actually have Gmod.

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This doesn’t belong in Help & Support, he doesn’t need help.

I am not banned from Garrysmod.org. Whatever. You know what? I’m just going to stop posting because no one ever gives me help in the first place. Good riddiance.

sounds like you pirated the game. good job.

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and you’ll probably get help if you actually posted in the specific help section.

Way to be a dick, I just asked for proof of you owning gmod so I could attempt to help and this is how you reply?

Good job bro.

How would you go about proving this?

Give us your Steam name / ID.

A third fucking thread on this.

what you dont know how to download an svn