WAC sweps + Customizable Weaponry?


Recently, I downloaded a Customizable Weaponry addon + Extra. It looks really neat. But I am also using a WAC addon. Every parts- aircraft, helicopters, sweps and the remaining ones. I am also using a joystick plugin, without any problems (except some little with the program not correctly remembering some axis and I have to invert them each time I restart)

But when I downloaded Customizable Weaponry, I experienced lots of bugs. I can’t use the freelook, I can’t right see 1st person death + black-white effect and I cannot aim by pressing down the right click. At WAC sweps when I pres right click, it does nothing. At CW when I do the same, it aims the wrong way, not through the iron sight.

So the basic problem is, how to use WAC sweps + Customizable Weaponry (+ extra CW)? I don’t know if the freelook is caused by the joystick plugin or WAC, but it just doesn’t works. And I also want to use these at my dedicated server