Waco Glider Request for a Comic

I have started making a WW2 Airborne comic with my friend Dragory and we would need a Waco Glider.

If i remember there is one model for Day of Defeat but it’s low-res because it is old. Please, if someone could port or make one.


Show references.

Yes, it’s kinda hard for the modeler to say if he wants to make it having never seen what one looks like.


I remember downloading a glider… Maby five mounths ago?
I have no idea where I did that, I saved the link though… But it’s on my main computor and I’m currently unable to get to it in a week at least.
I might know a couple places where it might be, I’ll get back if I find it.

Thank you. Any other guys know something?

Also, this was requested some time ago, you might still find the thread and if it’s got any more details.