Waffle Kit 1

This is, basically, a video of some stuff I have made.
It’s called Waffle Kit because my steam name is Waffles Mgee.

Henjoi, Old beans and Dear chaps.

cool stuff

That car is awsome

Those are all awful. You must have spent a whole 5 minutes on those.

Some of these are pretty creative. Could work on the astethics. Doesn’t seem like you know about parenting, If you don’t look it up. Makes pretty shit function better if you use it as you should.

I especially liked the bio-shock thingy. Shame it doesn’t walk.

Like the caterpillar thing :3

All very mediocre, very bland, definitely not worth it’s own thread.

cool stuff

cool stuff

cool stuff

i want meet you at that server for about 30 minutes and btw how much i need to autodownload all files of that server

That’s pretty basic stuff, but big in the fun factor. That’s what counts IMO.

My fave is the Car, The bioshock guy was originally gonna be a mech, so i’m gonna work on that soon, and hopefully in next waffle kit… The stuff will be better?