waht ever happend to G-Towers

when i saw Garry-Towers on the home page i was all hyped up, then someone goes and releases a virus on a fake server and now GT is no more! bring it back, or is it just hiding from me?

You mean Gmod Tower?

I lol’d


IS he Trolling?


Ha, haha.

That’s a good joke.

Thread made me lol.

Go away.

Garry-Tower is non-existant.

You mean Gmodtower?
That’s a pretty popular gamemode.

Download the updater and join the server.


Gmod tower, ahahaha.
From normal lobby with minigames and cinema it evolved into hunting for rabbit suits and presents near christmas tree, also resizing potions, furries and weaboos devs and “official dev team furry” with sucking dick as hobby.
my rant is there, and, suprisingly, some players think like me.