Wailord fights Lapras plus bonus stuff

Was playing with tons of different effects. Maxed out my graphics as best as I could. JPEG quality 100%. AA x4.


Goddammit Diglett. What did I tell you.

ok since you added the whale im happy…but no mudkips?

Does you see a mudkipz ragdoll on gmod.org?

Gimme it.

That Lapras is gonna’ fucken’ die! D:

:smiley: YAY!

i shouldnt have laughed because i want to hate this so much


start by using AA and work your way from that

AA x4.

I have it on, thats the highest I can go.

AA x4 isn’t the problem. By that setting it should barely be noticeable.

I’m guessing the problem is your screen resolution. If AA is up to 4 samples and it’s still jagged, try increasing the resolution.