''Wait Dimitri, Don't touch that'' Russians find wermacht soldier frozen in their tracks.

‘‘After Nachyeiev got eaten alive by that statue we’re not taking any chances.’’


model testing.

C&C people!

i cant see anything wrong, its also very unique to me.

pokrok which is russian for pROGRESS

It’s creepy. But awesome.

Good job.

Progress in Russian is Прогресс (progress) :v:

uh sorry ive been playing too much silent storm, eagle always says pokrok and i googled it and it means pokrok but w/e

I’m Russian. Your argument is invalid.

you’re a russian living in the Czech Republic. Okay.

Actually I’m in Moscow, flagdog is a bit stupid.

lol ok

moscow in the czech republic now?

im not in USA, im in austrailia

flagdog is a bit dumb lmao

According to Facepunch it is.

Is that a frozen German holing a M1 Garand rifle? Or a Russian soldier, cause that’s wrong. Other then that I like it, kinda reminds me of The Thing.

Damn right it is. It thinks I’m from the USA while I’m from Israel.

He could be somewhere around Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) That’s essentially a russian city these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they freeze in a second? Or how long they were in that position?

Some kind of insta freeze breath from some yeti… idk.