"Wait for my command!"


Nicely done, though the flames are a bit off, it needs more scorched stuff.

i am not sure exactly what is occuring


very interesting skins on the soldiers, I like it

is there a backstory to this?

Posing needs attention

Other then that, looks good. Although I’m not sure what the fucks going on.

from what I can gather, the orange dudes are about to attack that SAM launcher crewed by green dudes.

The flames need to be brighter, they look to dull to be fire.

The posing’s okay, a bit off in places.

Gigantic Cache of TNT right next to a high value target and the AC130 looks like it would of clipped it’s wings on that flightpath in between buildings (Unless it’s actually higher and it’s just the view). :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job gaina.
I like every bit of this.

Cool pic! love the orange rifles… like a toyguns :3
Jokes, pci is cool…but fire…coudl be bettar.

What the hell is going on here? Haha! Orange guns, orange soldiers, sky on fire!

They really shouldn’t be that close to a burning car. Posing is good, building is good, editing is good. I like. 10/10


Rip-off models.


Bright orange body armor and helmets are a great tactical choice, especially in an urban environment.


And that people is how you make great use out of a terrible map! Pefect work!

You have the best tactical advantage in the snow!

Aren’t those from the HECU models.

Yes, they are the HECU models from Romka.
The green guys are Starshiptroopers models by Jimesu_Evil.

I just reskinned them.