Wait how to water catchers work if there's no rain?

I feel like they should have been added after the weather update.

… almost like it’s a work in progress or something.

Did you even read the devblog? Like at all? That question is literally addressed in the first couple sentances. Jesus christ.

Also stop posting useless threads. You so clearly just read 1 sentence and then came here to post the first stupid thought you had.

Whenever something wierd or unexplained happens in Rust, just tell yourself “a wizard did that.”

Wow calm down. No one said you have to read any of my posts. Secondly I just found the Web page for the dev blog. Sorry it was hard to find the link. Lastly go see a therapist for you anger issues.

Setup is the most powerful wizard of them all.

You have google as well as shit tons of other sources for this info. Stop lazy and expecting other people to do easy work for you.

I consider this forum as a source to get information. Like I said you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

Nah man, he’s right. Your inability to go to rust blog and read one paragraph is your own fault.

I stopped caring about these kind of posters. They expect to be spoonfed without putting any work into it.

As for this guy, I think he was trying to think he’s smart for pointing out something already addressed in the devblog…which for some odd reason he could not find even though he just had to click on view news in steam ro find it.

Fixing people who feel self-entitled to their public suggestions is a pointless endeavour. Criticise the post and the poster goes mental.

I think I have been pretty calm. Definitely not going mental here. You guys don’t effect my world in any significant way so there’s nothing to get upset about. I’m just bored really and wanted something to talk about.

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And I didn’t see the update news because I’m on a cell phone and I don’t have steam on it…

Okay, seriously. I agree that the guy could have done a bit more research before blindly creating this topic. I also agree that we will likely keep seeing threads like this, which is what everyone is dreading/hoping to prevent.

But while I enjoy my time here, there is no denying that this community is rather poisonous/vitriolic. The guy was already corrected, and he admitted that he did not know about that information yet. So can we stop harassing him, before this becomes another of those threads that are all 50-100+ posts long, all of which are just repeating the exact same thing over and over and over again, before the guy either leaves the community, or gets pushed to the point of lashing out and being banned?

There gets to be a point where enough is enough. I mean, damn.

For talking, there are other forums. Unless it is Rust related, in which case find something that has not been addressed yet. You’re a grown ass man, this should not be a difficult thing to grasp.

Other Forums:

  • General Discussion
  • Fast Threads
  • Game discussions

It’s like going to a shop and asking if they sell one of the items mentioned in their sign.

PS: Welcome to the forums, unfortunately your thread was the straw that broke the camel’s back due to how unlucky you were to have this question directly answered in the devblog :^)

PPS: Leon white knight pls. Reddit is for those who cannot handle the projects aka facepunch. :smiley:


Eh. Good enough for now. Craig here’s your explanation exit strategy.

Please keep your red herrings to yourself. White knight has nothing to do with it - and you obviously do not know what a white knight is, so I am going to dismiss that.

The problem, is that people like to abuse their Internet anonymity, to the point where they feel they can kick people while they are down to the point of forcing an exaggerated reaction from them. I am not sure if it is an ego thing, or what. But, in the end, it is just a bunch of people joining in on a one-sided pissing-contest.

It gets tiresome, and it ruins communities. I have been a sysop across too many Wikia/Curse communities, and I have seen how general/accepted vitriol turns any environment into a cesspit.

Some cheese with your whine, sir?

This thread could’ve ended after maximum’s first reply, you nerds should feel ashamed.

Welcome back Zipper. Nah this thread has been boarded by thread pirates. We be steering her clear of the OP.

Steady as she goes, wish to hop aboard the mighty SS Threadjack?

It is really sad that even though I let you have the last word, that you still decided that you had to be a complete asshole and continue on with that last bit of ad hominem you wrote.

I was completely willing to let this go earlier on - so enjoy pretending that you hold the high-ground on this one. Consider this my last reply to you.