"Wait, there are taget..."



You really need to work on your grammar :v:

Nice picture, lovely editing, I see nothing wrong with it except for the part of me that keeps thinking "Its supposed to be “there’s our target”.

wow! wonderful!!!

but thanks!

the left half of the pic is rather dull

Yea, there should be dinosaurs with RPG’s rocket jumping with bananas.

I don’t mind about the title, because I know what it’s saying. I love the image.

Nice lighting, I dig it.

I was gonna make a joke about Armer Hotdogs but then I realized it’s actually spelt Armor

Are you Korean by any chance?


the right side of the pic is full of fancy lighting, lens flares and bloom and generally looks great, while the left side has… nothing. just buildings and darkness. could have at least added some smoke coming from off-screen AC systems there

yes, i’m Krean.
그리고 이게 한국어.


It is a good pose, but unbalanced. All the neat stuff is focused on the top.

PS! Kills minilandstan for being a grammar Nazi.

The title reminded me of that whole “Revenge is Begin” business.

Black Ops 2 Seals + BF3 US Vehicles = <3

Talk about random.