Waited 2 weeks for a Water, sky, night and grass patch? Really?



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Then give us those things in 2 weeks do you think it’s that easy…

Yeah man, what gives? Water, sky, night, and grass is really important!

Eye candy is very important. Why do you think games like COD and Battlefield make as much as they do.

COD is far from eye candy :v:

Maybe garry is going to take his earnings and quit, move to New Zealand to live together with Dean Hall.

You didn’t pay $20 to get the updates you want when you want them, shut up you entitled moron.

You forgot item durability + repair… which is actually extremely important to the game and fundamentally changes how servers will play out. I’m still a bit disappointed though, as with every patch. The new sky does look fantastic and gave me a nice FPS boost though :slight_smile:

Seem like changes that need to be made to a game early in its development to avoid hassle and problems later on down the line when content starts to be added.

Also night changes and item durability are pretty big changes.

I’m sure they are working on the anti hacks behind the scenes but doubt they will want people to know when they go live so they can catch the hackers out.

It’s more like eye cancer :v:

Much complains, need stfu, make own game, see how is

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Wow calm the fuck down Jesus Christ

Don’t forget the fact that servers can now whitelist by Steam group, so you can keep hackers out by not inviting them to the group. That’s still a very recent new addition to servers (only on the server dev branch for now, AFAIK).

That’s pretty damn important, but you missed it in your little rant.

The new implementations will effect in a much better overall performance (FPS).
Also it changes gameplay as pitch black has been removed.
And a game today needs to look good - and why change different parts when the world himself is ugly.
The patch, as far as i know, fixed some bugs as well but they are not shown in the patch note.

At least be happy that someone is still working on this project :wink:

Great work, keep going FP

Look I appreciate the changes they look good, no updates on anything like Weapons, Army, Dinosaurs, and one of the more simple one ‘Take All’. The had to fix frame rate I understand that and I know this is an Alpha but that’s not the update I thought we were going to get.

I just really was looking forward to a wipe on the Official Servers… I still know all my recipes and huge metal buildings… no thanks.

An alpha isn’t an alpha because they’re making content. They have to make a good foundation for the game first. That’s why literally everything in the game is a placeholder - the map, the animals, the military weapons…

Why don’t u just follow the trello page? Then u know what it is ur waiting for.

I can understand your feeling but we need to be patient with the game Dev and let them work. For my part i am looking at this game as a work of art and we cant really rush art :downs:

Karry is working as hard as she can. Please be patent with her.