"Waiting for a call." (Mass Effect)

Thane is chillin’.

Not bothering to leave a simple comment is not an option, this is not youtube.

A bit too dark for me but overall it’s decent.

Really awesome picture. Nice editing, camera angle and prop-placement and posing.

Shame about the jpeg quality.

was listening to this when opened this pic…
i think it kinda fits.

great pic anyway.


True, it fits, sounds quite a lot like Vangelis inspired.
I actually listened to Blade Runner blues while doing the pic.

It looks nice! I like the posing.


Looks good.

And more eclipses murdered :frowning:

That said not really keen on the blood on the right one. It feels a bit too flat on the chest.

This is a simple comment.

I do like your posing and the angle, but I do not like the heavy contrast.

That’s really sexy!
Very nice atmosphere.

I really do like the heavy contrast, it fits the pic

Heavy contrast is heavy, but I like that.

Yeah the contrast is mainly because of the laptop screen, I can never know which angle of the monitor fits to the settings of everyone else, but yeah when I watched it from my mates screen it was a tad heavy on the dark side.