Waiting for Character......HELP!

I’m having a problem connecting to servers. I’m not running a mac i have windows 7 worked fine for a week, and whenever I try to connect to a server, the loading screen gets stuck on “Waiting for Character” indefinitely, only way to close it is ctrl alt tap and shut it down plus steam keep saying its running when i can see its not ive looked online and some people are having the same problems but are using a mac. Is there a way to fix this?

Same here.

Blah…how long has it done it too yo Lipak ? it just started doing today for me.

Started this morning for me in France.

Maybe there is an update?

There is no update, I mean only for the dev server. Still looking for a fix!

Try changing urresolution options and video options . Workedon me

Elec, can you provide the settings you changed and their values for others to try too? If there is a combination that seems to be working for several people, it’ll be cool to push a thread out explaining for people facing the same thing.

Emm… First i would like you to tell me which OS(windows/MAC/linux) u are using

When this happens on the server we manage it means the persons character data has been corrupted on the server. We have to roll back that persons character data to the most recent one. Once that is done they can log in without any issues. This usually happens if the person is logged in when the server crashes.

Not a guarantee that it’s the same issue you guys are having though.

Windows 7

Fixed for me. ty