Waiting for death




This looks awesome.

why is the woman a shemale version of sniper?

Very pretty.

Dude… wat

This pic is very nice
Editing and shit you know
damn all your last works have no ideas
just some ppl sitting, standing, looking etc.

Ope! Was gonna say neat- but then there was clipping on the stock of the weapon.

It has ATMOSPHERE. It’s like a music- you can barely understand what’s the song about, but that doesn’t hinder you to feel sadness or joy while listening it.
Who cares about ideas, then you got Feelings

I don’t feel the atmosphere, kay?
Fallout New Vegas have awesome atmosphere
Red Dead Redemption have awesome atmosphere
This comix - http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1062975-Children-of-God is god damn filled by awesome atmosphere
in this pic i don’t feel atmosphere

The keyword here is “I”

don’t lie, you know that’s what it looks like.

Um, no?

Do you naturally associate any chick you see with large glasses with ‘a shemale version of the sniper’? You should probably see a psychologist for that.

You seem to have a lot of boxes, better use them to hide.

the gloves and the glasses are the same and the face is quite similar.

Don’t forget the fact that the sniper has a ponytail, too.

And those bottles are obviously jarate.


I have examined tens of thousands of fallen snipers on every TF2 map, official and unofficial, and I have to say none of them had ponytails. Unless they changed their hairstyle preferences…[/sp]

big glasses = similar face - quadcoregman, 2011

i like the atmosphere and the editing

I was being sarcastic.

Forgiveness x 1 (list)