Waiting for the next wave


Nice atmospheric lighting.

This reminds me of meet dah spy, dat’s cool man!

Love the atmosphere, but it’s a bit empty, tho.

This mess isn’t messy enought! :open_mouth:

The sniper is floating.

Eh ? There’s a box in front of his feet, hu.

Yeah, especially on the left.

He means “sniper” as in the rifle, not the person.

I love the atmosphere here. Good Job.

Oh yeah, silly me.

The sniper isn’t floating, I checked like 5 times to be sure in-game, but I agree, it looks like it is floating. Damn.

nice lighting, although some of the shadows are messed up like they’re blue

The lighting is hot… it really makes it look hot and muggy in there. Also, lol at the jars of piss.

I was expecting Killing Floor but nice anyway.

Yep, more like green shadows, but yeah. I tried to fix it, but I suck anyway at fixing things. :biggrin:

blue green, but it doesn’t really affect the picture
its still nice

Lighting is nice

Very, very good

but the three glasses on the left looks weird

if the far jar on the left was on it’s side pointing left, i would give this a perfect rating.