'Waiting for the One Free-man'

Well, it was a quick pose and edit.




C&C as always.(<–Not as Critical now) :buddy:

Pretty nice. The citizen’s hair looks weirdly awesome.

I like the medic’s vest.

The random blurring kills the picture.
And there are some jagged edges around the nose of the rebel.

Yeah I know… I’m not that great at editing pictures… but yeah I’m glas to hear that people actually like this! :buddy:

Why is he so angry? :ohdear:

He’s angry because she’s not in da kitchen makin’ him a sammich! No, but in alll seriousness, I’m assuming that he has been waiting for Gordon freeman in that building with 7 other Rebels and he is growing impatient and is starting to doubt that Gordon is even coming, or if he’s even still alive, OR if he’s even real!

Well thats what I think anyways…

Looks nice.

I expected to see a dude by the trainstation looking at his watch, but this is good. Although the woman is a little retarded for sitting beside an explosive barrel tsk tsk