Waiting for the others to come back at the outpost (scenebuild)


I like the scenebuild, it’s too bad that the guy looks like he’s masturbating.

Masturbation seems to be all you can think about. :confused:

Really nice scenebuild, and posing, and lighting… Everything’s brilliant! :buddy:

Neat work. I like the light and atmosphere.

That’s a pretty weird way you masturbate.

Beautiful atmosphere and prop-placement.

Yeah that left handed mother fucker :argh:

Is that a DSHK there on the left? Where did you get one of those?

I jerk off with my left hand :frowning:


More dods poses god dammit.

I have the same question.

Also, great pose. I love the atmosphere.

I can’t describe how much I love the athmosphere.

Maverik1k’s model pack.



I use both hands :smug:


A bit too monocolorish, though.

I will hop in the wagon of “I love the atmosphere” because I love the atmosphere.

Looks amazing.

That razorwire.

I can has?

It’s nice. Looks like it’s a map, not self built. It’s almost calming.

Unless his dick is attatched to his thigh, he’s not masturbating.

Part of the L4D1 content. Dunno where you can find it, however…