Waiting in the Club 1989


Thought I’d try something a bit more nuanced and less visually noisy, while sticking to an 80’s aesthetic. I’m probably going to make a follow-up to this; a total antithesis using much darker colors.

I really like this image, personally, for its subdued subject matter and the fact I managed to pull off somewhat punchy neon colors without overblowing the contrast and making it look matte like a total mong, and also managed to make visual sense with the neon for once. I’m probably alone in this opinion, but comments and criticism are obviously welcome, I won’t learn shit unless I get corrected.

The dark circles around the eyes is a very nice touch to the image.

i’m curious as to where this Neon Pink And Cyan Everything 80’s stereotype originally came from

i haven’t seen anything like it in anything that’s actually from the 80’s, maybe the overdone blue bloom filter in a few music videos but that’s it

Miami vice imho

That’s part of the model though.

The overall quality of the model is lackluster, you forgot to pose his shoulders and I don’t know if the hair is your photoshop skills or the materials fault, but it looks so incredibly strange. As if his hair is melting.

The picture as a whole is bland and terribly uninteresting, flat lighting and minimal effort on face posing doesn’t help either.

There is just nothing going on in this picture, better suited for the “want to post a picture but don’t want to make a thread” thread.

Sorry if it’s harsh, but it’s just the truth.

You should start posting in the “Want to post your picture but don’t want to make a thread” Thread a lot more.
So far I haven’t seen a single picture that is threadworthy judging from what other people post in that thread instead of making their own.

Let’s not use neon for once. Maybe feature multiple subjects as well rather than everything being centered around 1 person.

is the subject high? that’s the impression I got honestly

Yeah, actually. He was the central character of a comic I’ve been trying to make for about a year now, but I’ve never been satisfied with any of the results so I’ve never posted any parts of it.

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It mostly succumbed to most of the issues of my posted images, and I’ve never been able to convey motion or create convincing speech bubbles.