Tell me what you think.

He’s holding an axe by the way.

I don’t get it. Looks like he’s pretending there is someone coming. Maybe a gun instead of an axe because in Counter-Strike I don’t think you can buy an axe at the menu. Don’t use bloom it raped the walls. His left leg looks lifted in an unsual way.

I like the edit

I agree with No Intentions, it looks like he’s getting ready to ambush someone, but no one’s even there except for him. It would make more sense if someone was walking through the door or something.

Posing looks wonky but the editing is alright.

Did you even bother reading the title?


Way too blurry, it looks terrible. If you’re going to use SHEFing then at least make it look good.

Oh, fail. I was at work and had some spare time to browse this section, didn’t really look at the thread’s title. :doh: