"Wake up, Gordon... Please.. Wake up..."

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Uhm… Rate&Comment please.
Thank you!

Old Alyx :smiley:

Nice. But Freeman’s face looks like from male 3(or 4) from facefactory models.

Great faceposing and camera angle.

The low-res Gordon kinda sticks out though, the bloom is odd in places (is his beard glowing?) and the jpeg quality is quite shoddy.

[sp]You got the roles reversed[/sp] :v:

Good posing, face posing, and angle.

Critical Mission Failure:

“Bitch didn’t kill the god-damn zombie”

Pretty neat job. Alyx’s face pose is excellent and so is the finger posing. I love it when people care for details like that.

I was thinking of La Pieta for a bit. Very nice.

That’s the HL1 Freeman by Half Dead.

Alyx’s fingers are ugly.

that’s nice. :3

Tell me about and the music doesn’t fit much but you did an excellent job.

WoW…very sad

The rim lighting job is very shoddy. The overall picture is all right, but I love the idea. I feel like copying this picture.

alyx broke gordons fuking hand

Fear Factory :rock:

Nice picture :smiley:

I wish someone would release a better Freeman. I thought bieng as awesome as he is, people would have modeled him over a 1000 times at least!

faceposing is brilliant

Just click once and you’ll be back to your last save.


He is still working on it :wink:

Latest screen: http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/2510/69666427.jpg