Waking Up In 1959. 100% In-Game....again.

Howdy folks.

Woah, looks quite good for in-game only

I see how you did the rapture background (buildings behind sheets with that one combine material), it’s ingenious :v:

This is on some night version of Flatgrass.


and the windows/ water is actually from the waterizer tool.

Waterizer tool?
Think you could provide a link?

The lighting looks nice!

^ Thanks for being a ninja, I also used the tool for the water on the floor.

It’s nice but i think it lacks something. Don’t really know what though.
Maybe the angle is too boring.

needs red lighting
from the turrets

Music + pic is a perfect combination. Liking this shot. Artistic’d.

Can we see the original?

Could use some editing, and it would be awesome.

This is amazing for some ingame editing.

^“Headshotter” got perma’d? or are you just banned for a little while mister Bubba?
Yes I am editing this, and the pic is kinda the original, the other versions don’t have a complete scenebuild or any effects, and they’re at a slightly different angle, because SDoF crashed my game multiple times so I had to do without it.

He got perma’d and got permission to use an alt.
Which I gave him my alt since I’m nice.

I wish there was a like 3rd person bioshock rpg, pictures like this made it seem like a cool idea.

Thought you said 1995 first, I was like waaaa?

But the game took place in 1969…
Oh well.

You sure? The song is called “Waking Up in 1959” oh w/e.

Edited version hooya!

any CC for this?

This is very impressive for ingame editing, how do you do the colors? Purple stuff for example?