Waking Up Like Hl2 But In Ep2?

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was wondering how you would do the wakeup scene similar to Half-Life 2 when Alyx wakes you up, but in Episode 2. The blackout doesn’t have the same things. So I was just wondering how you would go about doing that?

Try this:

Portal and Ep2 have the same engine so it should work.

Already tried that tutorial, it doesn’t have the prop dynamic called Blackin. Only blackout. Which is what the Half-Life 2 tutorial uses. It just has different animations.

You will have to copy over the HL2 model to get the animation to work and you will lose other animations.

Well then, is there a way to get a similar effect like waking up at the beginning of Episode 2?


Nevermind, I found one out myself.

Care you share your information?